The therapeutic diet plan that works!

All individuals have different requirements, and thus having a therapeutic diet meal plan is necessary that suits your body type and your medical condition. As a nutritionist and dietician, I plan a therapeutic diet according to their elements after understanding the disease condition a person is suffering from and personalizing it according to their likes and dislikes.

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What is a therapeutic diet plan?

Therapeutic diets are prepared to optimize the body requirements of an individual to treat a range of ailments or improve one’s ability to eat. A diet prescribed by a dietician is based on the medical condition for decreasing or increasing specific nutritional needs in the diet and maintaining overall health for a longer time, such as a therapeutic diet plan for diabetes. The conditioning expert may recommend a plan to restrict fluid, sodium, and other nutrients so that the patient gets maximum benefits.

You have to understand that the Therapeutic diet chart is not only targeted at weight loss; rather, it is intended to complement medical treatments like a therapeutic diet chart for liver disease. It is equally important to understand that a diet plan for one body may or may not suit you. A therapeutic diet plan for liver disease will differ from a therapeutic diet for anemia. So, you should consult a dietician for improved results.

Types of therapeutic diet meal plans

As these diets are planned to keep certain intentions in mind, some types are as follows:

Intolerance Diet

These diets are planned for people who are allergic to certain food. A perfectly planned diet specifying what to eliminate to reduce allergies will give a positive response.

Clear liquid diet

These diets are planned for people who have problems with the digestion of solid food or some other medical conditions like being unable to chew foods. So, a dietician will examine other conditions and then modify the regular diet.

Full liquid diet

These diets contain creamy fluids such as custard and fruit juice with pulp used in conditions when people cannot tolerate a soft diet or when they can tolerate liquid diets.

Diabetic diet

As the name suggests, these diets are prepared to control glucose levels and calories, carbohydrates, protein, weight management, etc. So based on the conditions, an expert may ask you to intake a high-fiber diet such as dry fruits, flax seeds, cereals, etc.

Low-fat diet

If the fat or cholesterol level is high, a low-fat diet plays an essential role in managing it. Some food containing a low-fat diet are veggies, beans, whole grains, etc.

What are the unique features of our Therapeutic diet plan?

Whether you are a working professional or non-working, our plan will not cause any inconvenience at any cost. It is designed keeping in mind the medical history, after a full assessment, and based on the body requirements. It would help if you stuck to the designed plan so that we will consider your food choice too.

The diet we plan is nutritious, eliminates deficiencies, regulates the intake of a certain food, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

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