Renal diseases

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Renal diseases diet program

Your body processes nutrients for fuel whenever you eat and drink. Anything it does not require is delivered to the kidneys through the bloodstream. The kidneys are responsible for filtering excess nutrients and producing urine. Some nutrients can pile up and harm your kidneys if you have renal disease. A renal diet can help you avoid kidney disease. People with renal disease need to follow a renal diet plan.

People with renal disease may need to watch their salt, potassium, and phosphorus intake. Please talk to your healthcare provider or the certified dietitian at your dialysis clinic about your unique dietary needs.

You need to follow a renal diet plan only after consultation with a doctor as it depends on health conditions. A renal diet plan for dialysis patients will be different from a diabetic renal diet plan or any other patient; hence always take medical advice before following any diet plan.

What is the myth related to the Renal Diet?

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a renal diet plan?

A renal diet is a low-sodium, low-phosphorous, and low-protein diet. A renal diet emphasises the significance of eating high-quality protein and restricting fluid intake. Some people may additionally require potassium and calcium restrictions.

What foods are not allowed on a renal diet?

All type of Canned foods, Whole wheat bread, Soda with a dark hue. In addition to calories and sugar, sodas, particularly dark-colored sodas, include phosphorus-containing chemicals, Oranges, Avocados, Brown rice, Bananas, Dairy products are not allowed in renal diet.

What foods are good for renal function?

These food are good for renal function -Water, Fatty fish, Sweet potatoes, Dark leafy greens, Berries, Apples.

Are eggs OK on a renal diet?

Egg yolks are highly nutritious, but they contain a lot of phosphorus, thus egg whites are a preferable choice for persons on a renal diet. Egg whites are a complete protein that is easy on the kidneys.

Is lemon water good for kidneys?

Lemon water provides several health advantages and is kidney-safe. Lemon can increase hydration, prevent kidney stones, create an alkaline environment in the body, and is high in antioxidants that protect cells.

Renal diseases diet program

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